Italian Night Done Right: Dolce

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The Italian multi-course meal, enjoyed slowly (and sometimes all day) is an essential cornerstone of Italian culture. That’s why every Italian meal must have a Dolce ending that includes biscotti, pastries and cakes. It’s how the host gives each guest a delightful send off, and serves as a reminder that life can be oh-so-sweet. Here, we’re offering a Fig Cannoli recipe that combines the Italian love of pastry with their ability to use seasonal bounty in a variety of ways.

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Recipe created just for you by World Market’s resident food stylist, Elena Pons Craig.

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Recipe fills about 12 cannoli shells


  • I can't wait till I get back f

    I can’t wait till I get back from my trip and get started on making these. I love figs I love cannoli I put them together going to be yummy yummy yummy in my Tommy thank you so much for the recipe

  • Lori Lagudis

    The ingredient list says “balsamic glaze” but the recipe directions says add “balsamic vinegar” to the fig mixture to create the compote. I have both at home, so which is correct to mix in the pan with figs?

  • Melanie

    You can buy Fig Compote in a jar…..I’ve gotten mine @my local market Andronico/Safeway..and I would think Whole Foods would have it too!…you’ll probably need to jars for this recipe.

  • Mikel Gittens

    Another question, are you using fresh figs or dried figs? Is one variety preferred?

  • Yogi Mancuso

    A truly sicilian treat that tastes like heavens clouds it’s a standout at any gathering and comfort to a true connesiur of eclectic cooking Art!!!

  • Andrea

    This looks wonderful! One question… I’m guessing that “fig compote” should not be listed in the ingredient list, and it’s the end result of cooking the figs, vinegar, sugar and pepper? It’s not an additional and separate pre-made product, right? Thanks!

    • Shirley

      I think you are correct. The directions say “Start the fig compote” and then give directions that seem to be for that.

    • Elena Pons Craig

      The fig compote and the cannoli cream are both items that you create in the recipe. Enjoy!


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