How to Make a Cocktail Classic: Por Avion

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There is something incredibly exciting about the thought of dancing in a Cuban night club. Whether you prefer rhumba, jazz, or salsa, there is no denying the contagious energy of every beat, or trying to resist moving to the rhythm.

PorAvionCocktail 8

Since we can’t jet off to Havana tonight, we’re going to shake up a new classic cocktail that is far from your ordinary island-themed rum drink. The Por Avion is a sophisticated cocktail with several flavor surprises. The lime is tart, the rum smooth—but then you get hit with a wild turn of spice and effervescence.

Basically, the cocktail tastes like a cuban night club sounds—exhilarating!

Mix up and pour into a few coupe flutes for an intimate date night, or make a large batch and serve out of the punch bowl for a lively get together. Then make sure to que up the Cuban Cafe playlist, close your eyes and prepare to teleport into that salsa club with that very first sip. Cheers!



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