Smoky Horchata Cold Brewed Coffee Cocktail Recipe

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Coffee is serious business in our house, much thanks to my husband’s keen love and attention to detail when it comes to all things brewed. I wake up to the smell of slow poured coffee in the morning and almost every week get to enjoy the evening caramel scents of beans being ground for the next big batch of cold brew coffee.

Taking a slow approach and hand making your own coffee creations gives a certain satisfaction, especially when enjoying the fruits your labor. Cold brewing coffee is incredibly simple to do, so we’re going to make a big batch and save the extras to serve in an unexpected way: A Smoky Horchata Coffee Cocktail!

Make it a Smoky Horchata Coffee Cocktail

The best part about this beverage is that whether you’re adding spirits to it or not, the cold brew coffee and homemade horchata can be enjoyed on their own. We’re adding a splash of mezcal to this bevvy. Mezcal has deep smoked vegetal notes of anise, citrus, and floral that really accentuate when paired with coffee.

I chose a medium roast coffee that was smooth and creamy. It worked well with the cinnamon spiced notes of the horchata and still allowed the smoky flavors from the mezcal to shine through. Be prepared to make both the cold brew and horchata a day before to insure that all the appropriate flavors fall into place. Besides, we’re taking pleasure in the calm that is homemade brewing, remember?

Serve your creation in a tall glass over ice for a weekend treat or as an elegant evening sip served straight up in a coupe (perfect for a little jolt of a nightcap!). Either way, this isn’t your typical caffeinated cocktail. Rich, creamy and decadent with an unexpected smoldering pop, this is one refreshing drink that can be enjoyed year round. Cheers!

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Makes 1 cocktail


  • aAron S

    OK, I’m borderline diabetical, and normally the amount of sugar in the horchata would make my pancreas squeak. But THIS looks like something I would drink for sure! The mezcal (good stuff, not with a worm [shudder]) seems to me like it would pair with all of it so well, that I kinda want to leave work and try this! I already use a Toddy cold brew system to make my java, so I’m nearly halfway there!

  • Carletta

    I can’t wait to make this on the weekend! Thanks for sharing/creating.


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