Holiday Appetizer: Brussels Sprouts & White Bean Puree Crostinis Recipe

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Here’s a common myth we all tend to buy into this time of year: holiday entertaining is inherently stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! My #1 secret to de-stressing holiday party prep? Whip up your holiday appetizer in advance, that way you can have a holly jolly time with your guests instead of worrying about the eats.

Just follow this simple Crostini with White Bean Puree and Shredded Brussels Sprouts recipe below for a crowd-pleasing (and fairly healthful, to boot!) holiday appetizer.

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A Happy, Healthy Holiday Appetizer

Either buy pre-shredded Brussels sprouts, or sliver them up to 3 days ahead of time. Then sauté up the Brussels sprouts a day or two ahead. Make the white bean puree up to 3 days ahead of time, too. Keep both of those items in the fridge.

Toast the crostini up to a day ahead, and place them in a tightly sealed container. Bring the white bean puree to room temperature before topping the crostini with it. The Brussels sprouts can either be brought to room temp, or if you prefer, warm them slightly in the microwave or in a pan before finishing up the crostini. Assemble them just before serving on a rustic Wood Charger, so the toasts don’t get soggy.

Makes 24 crostini (serves 8)

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