12 Days of Cookies: Hibiscus Orejas by Vianney Rodriguez

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‘Tis the season for delicious Christmas Baking! Orejas made extra special for a holiday with a hint of hibiscus. Orejas are a traditional treat found in Mexican bakeries. Made with puff pastry, orejas (ears) shaped cookies are crispy, sweet and are a family favorite during the holidays.


These crispy cookies were the first treats I ever made with my mami when I was young. I helped her roll the puff pastry, sprinkle the sugar and cut the cookies. I was so happy when she placed the baking sheet on the warming rack. They baked up perfectly plump, crispy and light golden brown. I was so excited she allowed me to bake such a special cookie for our Christmas dinner.


Today I want to share with you a bright twist on this classic recipe with the addition of a few of my favorite World Market products. I adore hibiscus and figs, so I was thrilled to find both at my local World Market next to the Christmas decor. So I decided to make hibiscus orejas!

I finely ground the dried hibiscus with sugar in the molcajete to create a beautifully light blush sugar to sprinkle on store-bought puff pastry. No need to make homemade puff pastry for this recipe, store-bought works wonderfully. A tiny spoon of fig over each cookie gives the orejas a golden brown hue and helps them get crispy.




I have been baking orejas with my girls for over ten years, and they never fail to make our Christmas special. I love gifting them to teachers, neighbors and their friends in a Holiday cookie jar. World Market has a great selection of fun holiday cookie jars in the Christmas Baking aisle.


Fluffy puff pastry is shaped into orejas (ears) and dusted with hibiscus sugar. Baked until lightly golden, these hibiscus orejas are sure to be a new family favorite.



I had the best time shopping online and at my local San Antonio store for this sweet evening of hibiscus orejas. For more Baking essentials head over to World Market.

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Yield:20 Servings
Prep Time:10 Minutes
Cook Time:30 Minutes


  • Gail B.

    Not sure why the recepie called for ground cinnamon sticks. I found little pieces of the cinnamon sticks in my sugar mixture, even though I ground them as fine as possible! Next time I will just use ground cinnamon. But I loved the palmiers and will make them again.

  • Sabrina Allison

    Do you know the portion amounts if you use:
    ground cinnamon powder
    ground hibiscus powder
    Thank you

  • Sabrina Allison

    if you use ground cinnamon and ground hibiscus instead of buying the ‘whole’ hibiscus flowers and ‘whole’cinnamon sticks , can you give me the portions for each of these ingredients using ground cinnamon and ground hibiscus?
    Thank you

  • Ronni

    It might evoke the Christmas feeling even more with some chopped pistachios on top. Then you’d get the red and green colors of Christmas.

  • Pamela Asbury-Smith

    Directions incomplete. How is the ear-shape achieved? I’m assuming the pastry is rolled then cut, and the slices are curled to form the ear?

    • Vianney Rodriguez- Sweet Life

      Hey Pamela,

      The ear shape is created by folding the left and the right sides of the puff pastry sheet inward so they meet in the middle. Press slightly, then slice after chilling, this creates the ear shape.
      Hope this helps,

  • Deb

    Missing a sentence about rolling the 1/2 inch strip into the ear shape!

    • Patricia

      I think where it says, “Fold the left and the right sides of the puff pastry sheet inward so they meet in the middle. Once the two sides have been rolled to the center, lightly press them together, then place on baking sheet.” it should be “roll” instead of fold. This is what creates the ear shape once sliced.

    • Vianney Rodriguez - Sweet Life

      Hey Deb,

      Patricia is correct – rolling the pastry inward creates the ear shape. After the dough is chilled, slice to bake the orejas.

      Thanks for the help Patricia,


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