Grilled Veggie Sandwich Recipe

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Now’s the time of year when most of us are itching for spring — for warm days lounging out in the heat of the sun, iced tea in hand with grills fired up. But since the weather hasn’t quite caught up with us yet, I found a way to enjoy the benefits of a freshly grilled meal without having to take one step outside: a Grilled Veggie Sandwich.

The perfect piece of equipment for this is World Market’s stovetop cast iron griddle. It’s especially fantastic because it’s double-sided, which is amazing. One side is totally flat, so you can cook pancakes on one end while sizzling bacon and frying eggs on the other end. And the other side is grated, so you can cook a whole slew of meats and vegetables, grill-marks and all.

A Quick & Easy Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Since rich, heavier meals have been on rotation as of late, I wanted to grill some veggies for a light and healthy sandwich. This recipe blends a few of my favorite ingredients and flavors, including pesto, olive oil, broccoli sprouts and avocado (and avocado makes everything delicious, and it’s so healthy). I used some of my go-to veggies, such as zucchini, bell pepper and onion.

The prep time is pretty quick, thanks to my handy madoline, and using my cast iron griddle gives me enough space to grill up enough veggies to make a truly satisfying grilled veggie sandwich. So if you are itching for something grilled like I was, I highly suggest you give this grill a go.

Happy grilling!

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