A Grilled Peaches Recipe for the So Sweet Summertime

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Peaches are like delectable candies this time of year. They’re juicy, fresh, succulent, and irresistible. And for this grilled peaches recipe, I’ve harnessed this sweetness and channeled it into a delightful dessert. And while the star of this dish is obviously the fruit, my handy grill really took it to the next level.

Peachy Keen Grilled Peaches

It all begins with searing the peaches after having slathered them with coconut oil. This heightens and accentuates their flavor while adding a great charred flavor to each bite. Next is a thyme-infused whipped cream, which imparts an aromatic herbaceousness alongside soothing sweet cream. This is topped with chopped almonds for a contrasting nuttiness and even more texture, followed by a drizzle of dulce de leche for a concentrated saccharine finish. It’s truly wonderful when it all comes together!

This dessert is just begging for the grill, so remember that you can find beautifully-designed options at your local World Market. And now that we’re gearing up for barbecue season and all the accompanying sunshine-soaked festivities, I highly recommend you add these peaches to your list.

Kristan Raines - Summer Grilled Recipe (3)

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Makes 8 peach halves


  • Skip

    I grill my stone fruit every chance I get, but learned from my great grandmother to keep it simple. Peanut oil, Brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
    The best thing is anything works with peaches, etc. depending on your taste. Thanks for sharing.


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