Grilled Garlic-Kissed Pizza With Flank Steak & Fresh Veggies Recipe

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Ashlyn Ickes

I have been itching to welcome the grill back into my weekly dinner rotation, and as soon as I saw this pizza stone, I knew exactly what my first grilled adventure would be this year.

Grilled Pizza 1

I love one-dish dinners, and this garlic-kissed pizza certainly delivers. With spicy salad, fresh, vibrant vegetables, and juicy grilled steak, it’s the perfect all-in-one weeknight, summertime meal. I love this recipe because all cooking is done on the grill, and it’s a great dish to prepare outdoors while everyone is enjoying a drink on the back deck.

Grilled Pizza 2

One of my favorite pizza joints serves a tart, blood orange lemonade with their pizza, and I have become obsessed with how the bright acidity cuts through the heaviness of the pizza. For my outdoor pizza night, I picked up a couple of bottles of Blood Orange Soda, and it was the perfect pairing.

While my fiancé is strongly opposed to the idea of putting salad atop his pizza, I love the fresh, spicy crunch that lightly dressed arugula delivers.

I chose to make a simple garlic and parmesan sauce for this pizza. Lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, parmesan, and garlic-infused olive oil all go into the food processor along with a bit of salt and pepper. After a few pulses, our sauce is ready to go!

In exchange for traditional tomato sauce, I tossed some cherry tomatoes in olive oil before pouring them onto the grill pan to get a nice char on the outer skins.

Grilled Pizza 19

The pizza stone gave this pizza a wonderfully crisp crust. I dusted it with a bit of cornmeal for extra texture. World Market’s Grill Prep Station simplifies grilling organization. With separate and clearly labeled compartments for raw and cooked elements, these containers keep the entire grilling neat and sanitary from start to finish.

After coating liberally with garlic and parmesan sauce, I topped my pizza with grilled flank steak, charred cherry tomatoes, tangy artichoke hearts, and an extra dose of parmesan.

In just under twenty minutes, dinner is ready! Pour a glass of tart, blood orange soda and slice yourself a hearty slice of pizza. This is the perfect way to begin grilling season!

Grilled Pizza 20


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