Glamping Food Made Easy: Overnight Oats Recipe

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Now’s a wonderful time to go on a trip and enjoy the great outdoors. And there are few better ways to do it than glamping–a form of camping that combines everything you love about relaxing in the beauty of nature with the luxurious style of reclining in in your own home. Since slaving away over a camp stove is decidedly not glamorous, your glamping food choices should all be easy to make.

Glamping Food Gets Yummy

Now this recipe is perfect for any outdoor trip on which you’d like to embark, but especially a glamping trip. It takes classic oatmeal and brings it to a whole new level of versatility and deliciousness. Since it’s both prepared and enjoyed in a mason jar, it’s extremely portable and requires almost zero cleanup (in fact, you can just wash out the jar and fill it with your drink of choice while camping). It’s supposed to soak and chill overnight, so you can either make it the first night of camping for an effortless breakfast the following morning, or make it the night before camping for an easy meal once you hit the campgrounds.

Overnight Oats Done Your Way

You can also customize this oatmeal with any toppings you want– fresh fruit, an assortment of nuts, chocolate, almond butter, and more. You could even lay them all out for a mess-free customized assembly on the spot. And World Market is essentially your one-stop shop for everything you need. They have steel cut oats, chia seeds, almonds, coconut chips, and several other options for toppings. Plus, they have these beautiful retro coolers just begging to join you on your next trip. So pack some of these overnight oats in a couple jars and enjoy nature while the sun is out!

WorldMarket_Kristan_Raines_Overnight_Oats (2)

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Yields 1 serving


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