Glamping Cocktail Mixer Recipe: Strawberry Basil Punch

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Spring has sprung and so has the list of outdoor to-do’s! These pre-summer temps are the perfect time to explore the outdoors, and what better way to make outings feel extra special than bringing along your own homemade glamping cocktail mixer? This might sound like a lot of extra work, but actually can be done in a snap. So let’s get a little DIY on our drinks and add a little wow to our wanderlust.

DIY Cocktail Mixers

Some premade store mixers are filled with sugar and have an unnatural flavor to them, which can totally tank your tonic. So we’re picking the freshest fruit (it’s the start of strawberry season!) and pairing these ruby jewels with herbaceous basil and a floral elderflower liqueur that will heighten each spring sip to perfection.

Here’s the awesome thing about this particular cocktail mixer…it’s a choose your own adventure when it comes to building the final cocktail. No matter what your spirit preference is, it will work. Gin, bourbon, even vodka or tequila. Yes! This mixer is the ultimate crowd pleaser…even if it’s enjoyed as a mocktail mixed with sparkling water or tonic.

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Glamping Cocktail To-Go

My suggestion is to pack a few spirit options in flasks and bring a few bottles of tonic water. That way you can experiment with flavors to make the ultimate bourbon spritz or just amp up your own infamous margarita recipe. Play around! Think gin to bring out more of the basil notes, or bourbon to highlight the sweet strawberry. This cocktail mixer truly is a mixology lab on the go and I’m pretty sure everyone is going to want to hit the road along with you!

So whether you’re planning on hitting the trail to spend the night in an oceanside yurt or just looking to pitch a tent after your backyard BBQ, this DIY glamping cocktail mixer is hands-down the perfect companion. Here’s to mixing things up in the outdoors this spring! Cheers, friends!

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  • Sam

    I would tend to disagree. If there is any amount of vinegar there will be a tangy tasty in the ultimate cocktail.

    Adding the vinegar makes this concoction a ‘shrub’ but can be easily altered to suit the flavor preferences. Simply omit the vinegar and add a little extra water. There will be no preserving power from the vinegar, so the only drawback here is that you will need to think about refrigeration.

  • Amy

    I’m curious about the vinegar! Will the cocktail mix ultimately taste or smell in any way of the vinegar? Because that would be a deal breaker for me!

    • Jen

      I was questioning this as well, but if you do a quick internet search on “Cocktail shrubs” you will see that this is a very old and practiced way of preserving fruit and enhancing the flavor of cocktails. I’m excited to give it a try!

    • World Market Editorial
      World Market Editorial

      Hi Amy,

      We reached out to Kristin about your concern and this is what she said:

      “It’s a tart cocktail additive not intended to be enjoyed alone – but when mixed with other beverage components mellows out and balances all the flavors.

      Perhaps if she is highly sensitive to vinegar they try adding half as much to their cocktail and build up from there.”

      Hope that helps!



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