Gingerbread Snowflake Ornaments DIY

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Some of my favorite Christmas memories include time together in the kitchen with my family. One of the most classic holiday baking traditions is making gingerbread, and we would not only make them to decorate and eat, but also to hang on the Christmas tree as ornaments!

I remember making all different shapes and types of gingerbread ornaments, and my favorites were always the snowflakes that could be decorated intricately so each one was totally unique.

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I still make gingerbread snowflake ornaments with my young family, and hope the magic of the tradition stays with them as it has stayed with me.

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The recipe is classic, and makes cookies that are a little more dense and crisp (and still delicious) so they hold up well as ornaments. I also use a traditional white royal icing to create thin, unique designs on each cookie. The beauty of each unique is that no one can make a mistake while decorating!

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Once they are baked, cooled, and decorated, a piece of twine or raffia threaded through the hole will turn the sweet treat into a sweet decoration. It is fun to hang them surrounded by other types of snowflake ornaments for a unified look. Or, intersperse some gingerbread snowflake ornaments with your other favorite ornaments for a fun eclectic tree.

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