DIY Holiday Gingerbread Body Scrub Recipe

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There’s nothing more soothing during the madness of the holidays than a few mini home spa treatments now and then to scrub away the stress. Our Gingerbread Body Scrub recipe is a snap to make at home using a blend of sugars, coconut oil and your favorite winter spices. This scrub is your ticket to sweet, sweet relaxation — and it also makes a perfectly pampering DIY Christmas gift!

So go ahead, treat yourself to a little homemade aromatherapy this season. You deserve it! Just follow our five simple steps to deliciously exfoliated bliss.

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What you’ll need:

  • Ingredients for scrub (recipe listed below)
  • Mixer
  • Jar for gifting
  • Assorted gift wrap

Gingerbread Body Scrub Recipe in 5 Steps

Step One

Get all ingredients ready. Start by adding in the brown sugar and white sugar in a bowl and mix. We used the mixing bowl on the mixer for easy transfer.

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Step Two

Mix in coconut oil to sugar mixtures.

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Step Three

Attach the mixing bowl to the mixer and turn on. We used a spoon to scrape the mixture off the sides of the bowl.

WorldMarket_Editor_Gingerbread_Scrub_DIY (3)

Step Four

Add in the vanilla extract, then all of the spices. Mix on low so the spices can work their way into the mixture.

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Step Five

Transfer the scrub to a jar that’s perfect for gifting. We tied a ribbon and personalized name tag around ours and included a small spoon for easy scooping.

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Use within a month with hot water and gently exfoliate skin.


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Ingredients: Sweet Tree Organic Coconut Palm SugarIsland Essentials Organic Coconut OilBoyajian Vanilla ExtractGround CinnamonGround NutmegGround GingerWhole Allspice



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