Ginger Hot Chocolate Recipe

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Hot chocolate and the holiday season go hand in hand. I remember when I was little, I found such satisfaction in store-bought packets that only required water and a microwave. Back then, I simply didn’t know what a true cup of hot cocoa should taste like. When hot cocoa is done right, it has a deep, rich chocolate flavor in every sip—not something that tastes like warmed up chocolate water.

With that said, I’ve been making hot chocolate at home for a while now, and I’m never looking back!

I’ve experimented with many different variations of hot chocolate, like peppermint or peanut butter, but as of late, my tastebuds have fallen in love with this ginger hot chocolate; it takes this drink’s relationship with the holidays to a whole new level.

I realize that ginger can be a hit or miss for most people, so if you feel called to this recipe but are hesitant to try the ginger, simply start with a smaller amount, and tweak the amount of ginger in the recipe as you go. That way, you’ll have a perfectly balanced drink to sip on just in time for the holiday season.

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Serves 2


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