Ginger and Honey Golden Doughnuts

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Joanna Meyer -

One of the most beloved traditions my husband and I enjoy is gathering on Sundays with our friends. Each week, we come together to prep healthy foods to keep ourselves nourished. We also use the day to make one indulgent meal and dessert to feast on. In my opinion, that’s the best part! It keeps us happy, and we make so many memories.

To keep the tradition alive during the holidays when there will be limited time to spare, we will be making a point of having a pre-holiday baking session. Our exclusive club will be whipping up “Five Golden Rings” (from the “12 Days of Christmas” carol) of Ginger and Honey Golden Doughnuts.


The doughnuts begin with Sof’ella Ginger Bread Mix. I really like this product for its easy preparation as well as its intense combination of spices and flavors. The molasses and buttermilk also contribute to the subtle richness of the batter. Of course, no gingerbread is complete without bits of crystallized ginger. When you bite into them, it makes you feel so warm.

To boost the dessert even more, I like to finish the bread-turned-doughnut with Orino Flower & Thyme Honey and an extra dose of Ginger People Baker’s Crystallized Ginger Chips. If that doesn’t sound amazing for a holiday baking session, I don’t know what else to say!

Now for the more technical part. When using the mini doughnut baking pans, make sure to coat each cavity really well with coconut oil spray. Just in case, it doesn’t hurt to dust the pans lightly with flour as well. If you find your doughnuts are sticking to the pan slightly, use a dull knife or spatula to help nudge them out.

I also like to use the “twist” technique. It involves pressing the doughnuts slightly into the pans with a flat hand and giving it a simple twist to help loosen them. This method makes it less likely for you to break the doughnuts. Instead, you get a perfect serving to douse with honey and sprinkle with crystallized ginger chips. Don’t forget to use a fork for these. They are delicious, but can be sticky to handle with just your hands.


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Recipe: Makes 12 doughnuts


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