Game Day Tailgating: How to Set Up a Pulled Pork Bar

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This Ultimate Pulled Pork Bar will score a win with your tailgating guests on game day. It has all the fixings for nachos, flatbread pizzas and sliders. Guests will fall in love with the tender, fall-apart pulled pork, extra cheesy queso dip and crisp Sriracha coleslaw.

How to Set Up a Pulled Pork Bar for Game Day - Discover, A World Market Blog

It’s football season and whether you are rooting for your alma mater to win that bowl game, or a special pro team to make the playoffs, we all gotta eat! Nachos, sliders and pizza are always at the top of our game day menu. Here’s the trick to a winning game day tailgating food bar: you cook a little, use a ton of delicious shortcuts, and let guests serve themselves.

See, watching the game is much more fun than slaving away in the kitchen; versatile, easy-to-make recipes like pulled pork, is my game day go-to. We are pretty obsessed with the variety of spice rubs and sauces at World Market, like this is Rufus Teague Spicy Meat Rub. Sprinkle a healthy amount on a pork shoulder, pop it in the slow cooker on low, and get ready to tailgate in 6-8 hours!

It’s almost as easy as whipping up a batch of my semi-homemade queso, which is delicious when drizzled over a big plate of pulled pork nachos. You will spend more time chopping fresh veggies for nacho toppings than you will making this dip. A variety of different cheeses are mixed with a basic béchamel sauce and your favorite World Market salsa. It’s a great way to amp up jarred chile con queso dip.

Just be sure those veggies include the ingredients for this spicy Sriracha coleslaw. Toss pre-shredded coleslaw mix with a simple dressing starring our favorite Sriracha mayo. It’s the perfect creamy, crunchy topping for pulled pork sliders. And since everyone likes different kinds of BBQ sauces around here, I always set out several options for tailgating guests to chose from.

BBQ sauce isn’t just for sliders. We love to make cheesy flat bread pizzas from pre-made crusts, then drizzle them with sauce, pile on the pork and jazz it with different toppings. You would be surprised how often the nacho toppings end up on pizza when we do this set up! I love to see the combos our friends create, like roasted red peppers, fresh red onions and even peperoncini peppers.

Don’t forget to shop for beers and sodas! We love to choose an assortment of options and always seem to find new favorites. Oh, and grab green linens the color of a football field and stock up on serving platters while you are at it!

How to Set Up a Pulled Pork Bar for Game Day - Discover, A World Market Blog

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