Fourth of July Cocktail: Blackberry Smash

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Fourth of July is around the corner and we’re getting our menus together for the party! And when it comes to patriotic sips and cocktails, this year, I opted out of creating a red, white and blue cocktail theme and instead chose something totally different: A purple cocktail!

Purple is an appropriate (yet unexpected) celebratory hue that is also perfect for summer soirees and outdoor entertaining, especially since blackberries are in season right now. We’re planning on incorporating these bold, bright and not-to-sweet berry beauties into our cocktails all summer long.

This Blackberry Smash cocktail is spiced with a tangy blackberry shrub that mellows out perfectly with the creamy addition of bourbon. By muddling fresh Thai basil into the mix, the earthy flavors of blackberries are lifted with an unexpected and bright herbaceous note. Top your masterpiece with  a splash of ginger beer and you’re guaranteed a balanced, complex cocktail for the Fourth!

If you’re looking to take the bartending duties off your plate and would prefer a self-serve beverage station instead, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration. You can prepare this cocktail ahead of time as a big batch punch. (Just reserve ginger beer and plenty of crushed ice to be added into individual glasses before serving.)

Crisp, icy, and packed with big flavors, this crowd-pleasing cocktail will be a perfect toast on the Fourth and throughout the rest of summer.

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Makes 1 cocktail


  • al

    Is there a cocktail that one does not have to go broke buying all the different alcohols for?
    Most of these cocktails I cannot afford. this one would cost around $0+ dollars to buy all the ingredients.

    • al

      I meant $40+

      • World Market Editorial
        World Market Editorial

        Hi Al,

        If this is a cocktail you are interested in making, but don’t want to splurge for just yourself, we recommend bookmarking this for your next party. Hope that helps–Happy Friday!

        World Market Editor

        • Vanessa

          Hi Al,

          I don’t drink much, so when I want to make a cocktail, I buy the tiny bottles of alcohol. It’s much cheaper and makes just a couple of cocktails. I noticed the Cost Plus in my town now has a nice display of these sized bottles, right by the checkout.

          Just a suggestion. Cheers!


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