Italian Fig and Nectarine Crostini Recipe

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Shanna Schad

“Crostini” is Italian for “little toasts” and they are a wonderful and easy way to create an irresistible appetizer consisting of a variety of toppings. Elegant and colorful, they can make it look like you spent a ton of time putting them together when they are really quite simple. They can be savory or sweet — or both!

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The baguette is sliced thin, so the little toasts are just a few bites, and usually start with a cheese base before adding on fresh or cooked toppings.

I like to take advantage of late summer produce with peaches or nectarines as one of my toppings. The crisp sweet-tart nectarines pair well with sweet fresh figs. Creamy goat cheese is whipped with meyer lemon honey and fresh thyme. And you can’t have a crostini without a balsamic drizzle. I used a combination of white grape vinegar and white balsamic vinegar with the meyer lemon honey.

There are many varieties of figs. For this recipe I used fresh Turkish figs. They have a purple skin and more of a reddish flesh. Black Mission figs are most commonly found in stores and farmers markets, and they have a deep purple/blackish skin and pale pink flesh. There are other varieties of figs, however these are the two I see most often in stores and farmers markets.

You want to use ripe but firm nectarines and figs for these crostini. You don’t want them to mush or bruise when slicing. Serve the crostini with some cold, crisp Italian wine, such as a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. My idea of a perfect pre-dinner snack!

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Makes 25 Crostinis


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