Fig Balsamic Pickled Cherries Recipe

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Who said all pickles had to be savory? This summer we’re taking our favorite seasonal fruit (cherries!) and turning them into a fig balsamic flavor bomb.

Similar to making a fruit-forward cocktail shrub, pickling these cherries is a quick stove top simmer using sugar, cinnamon sticks and a delicious fig balsamic vinaigrette.

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The result is an unexpected fruit pickle that is bold, bright and perfectly delicious over…wait for it…ice cream!

We recommend playing on a few unexpected savory notes for this sweet treat, and adding fresh thyme on top of your sundae plays with the robust flavors of the balsamic cherries, which is perfectly cut by the creamy ice cream. Vanilla bean ice cream is an amazing choice, but if you’re looking to make this the ultimate dessert, try salted caramel or our favorite coconut chip for a flavor pairing unlike any other!

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If you’re freezing seasonal cherries to use later in the year, don’t forget this recipe. Fig Balsamic Cherries would be an amazing addition on top of your holiday ham.

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Drizzle cherry balsamic glaze over your favorite ice cream. We suggest vanilla bean or coconut to really allow the savory flavors to pop. Try adding a little fresh thyme and chopped almonds to your sundae for an added herbaceous element.


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