A Father’s Day Pimm’s Cup Recipe

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A hot afternoon calls for refreshing relief, and while a crisp beer can always deliver that much-needed chill, this summer, we’re pouring something a little bit different: a Pimm’s Cup!

A summer favorite in the UK, this iced drink is low in alcohol and often enjoyed in large pints while watching sporting games. But you don’t have to be in a London pub to enjoy this delightful bevvy. With just a few simple ingredients and a muddler, you’ll be on your way to enjoying this summer sip in style.

Muddling fresh orange, mint and cucumber are key when making this cocktail. Even though we are featuring these flavors with the soda water and lemonade, having the fresh juices and a pop of mint make for a more vibrant drink.

Looking for something a little bit stronger? Try adding one ounce of gin to your cocktail for an evergreen kick. Either way you enjoy it, always make sure to add more fresh mint to the glass at for an aromatic burst (not to mention it makes for some gorgeous garnishing).

Cool, minty, soothing, this cocktail might just be the perfect refreshment for the warm-weather months. Whether you’re looking to celebrate Father’s Day in a new and delicious way, or just need something minty and crisp to cool off with in the summer heat, let’s all raise a glass to the ever-refreshing Pimm’s Cup!

11_Pimms Cup Cocktail

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