Edible Flowers Easter Cupcakes Recipe

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Easter season brings together some of my favorite things: fresh flowers, pretty pastels, sweet surprises and the celebration of all that is new! These edible flower Easter cupcakes also combine some pretty and delicious elements into the perfect, festive treat.

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Add Flower Power to Your Easter Cupcakes

There are many types of edible flowers, and many familiar types are readily available in the spring. Pansies, roses, gardenia, and violets are just a few of the favorites you can use for topping these pretty Easter cupcakes.

NOTE: Make sure you chose food-grade flowers, or those that have been grown without pesticides for safety.

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For longer lasting and really striking flowers, I decided to candy the flowers with superfine sugar before topping the Easter cupcakes. I love the way the pretty colors come through the sugar crystals, and they almost sparkle. Candied edible flowers will last in an airtight container up to 12 months!

These pretty Easter cupcakes would also be so lovely at a spring wedding or baby shower, tea party, or any special occasion. They add such a whimsical, unexpected element, and are as delicious as they are pretty!

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Recipe makes a dozen cupcakes



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