Deconstructed Negroni Cocktail Recipe

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The Negroni Cocktail is definitely having a moment in the spotlight these days, and although I love the classic cocktail, it’s also fun to break the rules sometimes…especially when that rule-breaking involves candies.

Deconstructed Negroni Cocktail Recipe - Discover, A World Market Blog

This deconstructed Negroni still has all the classic ingredients but with a whimsical twist—we made Campari grapefruit jellies to substitute into the mix!

These little jelly candies are tart, bitter, and extremely bright! If you haven’t guessed already, we’re really big into presentation, and this cocktail is no exception. The bold flavors are matched by its looks, not to mention the jellies give you the perfect excuse to use all of your pretty barware.


By adding one or two jellies to the bottom of your coupe, they will slowly dissolve into the gin and vermouth martini poured on top, revealing the full Negroni cocktail flavors. Talk about an impressive party trick that everyone will want to try a sip of!

If you’re craving more of the classic recipe, add an additional splash of campari to your glass to balance out the flavors to your preference. There are no rules here, well, maybe just one: to experiment a fun new way to serve up a classic libation in a new and unexpected way.

But be warned, where the candies are intended for the cocktails, you’re totally going to get caught sneaking a few extra to munch on between sips. In fact, I encourage it!

Deconstructed Negroni Cocktail Recipe - Discover, A World Market Blog

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