Cranberry Shimmer Vodka

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We have a feeling that you’re going to love this vodka! Our food stylist and mixologist Elena created this refreshing, fruit-infused vodka with cranberries and luster dust to create a festive, shimmery bottle of one of our favorite seasonal potions. This Cranberry Shimmer Vodka is perfect for your next holiday party, and can be enjoyed on its own or as one of the main ingredients of a holiday-inspired cosmopolitan or sea breeze.

Cranberry Shimmer Vodka - Discover, a blog by World Market

You can’t help but get into the oh-so-jolly spirit of the holidays when you’re creating this vodka! Vibrant reds from the cranberries mixed with luster dust creates a rich, jovial home bar scene. (A few “taste test” sips can make the bartender chipper as well…)

Cranberry Shimmer Vodka - Discover, a blog by World Market

This vodka can stay out of the refrigerator and in room temperature after it’s strained. “Just make sure that all of your equipment is sterile,” says Elena.

Cranberry Shimmer Vodka - Discover, a blog by World Market

Our bottled vodka is so pretty that we think we’re going to gift it to pretty much everyone on our nice list this year. Here’s to a very merry holiday season that’s just as bright and jolly as this libation!


More on making that holiday Cranberry Cosmopolitan here.


  • M

    @ Heather : Thank you so much for sharing this info about “cancer warning and non-edible with us” in regards to luster dust. To all and Worldmarket: The person who wrote this recipe should have also put a warning in the video or online and should do so, at least notifying viewers to be careful about what we buy when it comes to adding the sparkle. It is only ethical with such a tricky ingredient. Only stating “luster dust found in craft stores” can easily mislead a lot of people. Many people are not aware and could easily buy something harmful with such lax description. Because of the warning, I was able to do internet research.

  • Lori

    How long does it stay good? I’m trying to figure out how far ahead of time to make it.

  • Elaine

    Joann’s carries the luster dust in the Wilton section. I’m steeping my vodka now — should be ready tomorrow. I’m considering using the drunken cranberries that I strain out for cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving. Worth a try, no?

  • Elena P Craig

    luster dust is in the cake decorating section of most craft stores and is used to add sparkle and color to cookies and cakes. The amount needed to “shimmer” the vodka is very small.

  • Irene

    Can you use anything besides cranberries? With raspberries be too mushy directly, or maybe mixed frozen fruit, thawed

    • Elena P Craig

      Most fruit can be used to infuse vodka but if you use raspberries you will need to strain more carefully to remove the seeds because the raspberries will break down.

  • Heather

    The back of the luster dust I almost bought says that it has been known to cause cancer….be careful.

  • World Market Editorial
    World Market Editorial

    Elena used white luster dust here, but silver works, too!

  • JJ

    My craft store carries every color of luster dust. What color is this? Silver? White?

  • Bt

    What is in luster dust? Not a crafter but seems odd to me that you purchase at a craft store and yet add it to something you’ll drink.


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