Cranberry Ginger Spice Hard Cider Cocktail Recipe

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There’s no denying that everything spiced is popping up, well, everywhere right now. And while there are very strong opinions on the pumpkin varieties, we’re looking to change the way we think about (and sip) autumn spiced drinks this year. Let’s set aside our mulling spices and nutmeg — we’ll save that for the colder months ahead. We’re about to create something NEW that evokes the season while still offering a refreshing kick.

Hard apple cider is getting a glamorous, yet seasonally appropriate upgrade in this Cranberry Ginger Spice Cocktail! Orange, muddled cranberries and fresh ginger are hit with an unexpected aperitif splash of aperol and Lillet Blanc. These herbaceous flavors are mixed up to create the ultimate flavor pop, and are then perfectly balanced with a topper of crisp cider. This is one complex cocktail that brings on a whole new level of spiced autumn enjoyment.

Serve this daring drink with plenty of ice because we’re not quite ready for sweaters or scarfs just yet. But we are definitely ready for a beautiful tray of these drinks and good company to toast to this weekend. So whether you’re pro-pumpkin spice — or it makes you run for the hills — this new refreshing twist on fall flavors is sure to please both sides. So gather together and raise a toast to fall cocktails this weekend. Cheers!

08_Cranberry Spice Cocktail

09_Cranberry Spice Cocktail

Makes 1 cocktail.


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