Cranberry Ginger Shrub Holiday Cocktail Recipe

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Holiday season is in full swing and if there was ever an excuse to host a happy hour — this is it! Whether you’re prepping for Christmas or the new year, now is the perfect time to gather friends and family together over a delicious sip. Fret not — there’s no need to go over the top with Christmas decorating or menu planning. Let’s keep things casual with good company and a spirited cocktail.

Most people don’t think about using cranberries much after Thanksgiving, which is a shame. These tart berries are the perfect way to infuse bold flavors into a variety of other uses outside of sauce. In fact, they are remarkable in cocktails! Shrubs are an easy way to infuse bright notes into a variety of drinks, and we’re going to embrace these holiday tastes with a cranberry and ginger cocktail that is definitely filled with cheer.

Similar to a simple syrup, shrubs are made with equal parts sugar and liquid. What makes them zippier than syrups (in my recipe) is that I use apple cider vinegar instead of water, creating a bright and sweet flavor palate perfect for juicy and tart fruits alike.

Cranberry can be a bit aggressive on it’s own, so we paired it with its best pal, ginger, for a spicy and fragrant pop. These flavors are strong, which makes bourbon and maple syrup a creamy and balancing companion for one top-notch drink that is full of personality!

11_Cranberry Ginger Shrub Cocktail

Here’s to you making it through the frantic holiday season with a classy drink in hand!

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Makes 1 cocktail


  • mary

    The only cool dark place I can think of to put the shrub is the refrigerator. Would that work?


      Shrub’s love to stay cold, the refrigerator is a great place. Shrub’s keep well for a long time when in the fridge.


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