Chocolate Dipped Spiced Biscotti and Coffee Recipe

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Did you know that National Coffee Day is September 29th? My love for coffee runs deep, so I’m celebrating by sharing my recipe for Chocolate Dipped Spiced Biscotti. It’s a delightful biscotti that exists only to be enjoyed with coffee!


Behind the Biscotti

Biscotti means “twice cooked” in Italian, which is why these cookies are incredibly solid. As a result, the Italians learned quickly that biscotti is best when dipped into hot coffee to soften them up. Making your own is surprisingly  easy, so even those of you who may shy away from baking will feel comfortable. The process is really straightforward: just two bowls and a wooden spoon without any need for machines. Plus, since you want a really dry cookie, there’s not much of a chance of making a mistake.


Bump Up the Basic

This is a pretty basic recipe, so I spiced it up for fall with cardamom and cloves. These spices gives the cookies a wonderful seasonal touch that actually pairs quite nicely with the chocolate coating. Once coffee is brought into the mix, the overall experience is hard to beat.



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Yields 22


  • Suzanne

    When will you open a store near the Bellingham area in Washington State ???
    You have several hungry eager customers living just 30 minutes north in Canada.
    Our nearest store (Alderwood Mall area) is too far to make it a comfortable one day trip.
    Bellingham would attract plenty of Canucks to become loyal customers (just look at the success
    of Costco and Winco). Just count the number of Canadian license plates in the parking lot !!!!!
    I love, love ,love World Market !!!!
    Please, please, please……

    • World Market Editorial

      We’ll put a good word in for you 😉 Thank you for being a loyal World Market customer!

  • sandee r. San Diego & New York

    Exciting, new & seasonal merchandise. Friendly, helpful, non-pushy staff members who make you feel you made the right choice by shopping there. Occasional tea or coffee samplings. Their ads, sales and prices got me in. All of the above keep me coming back!

  • Becca

    This is the first time I have ever attempted to even make biscotti cookies and they are fabulous! I love the flavor that the cardamom adds to these!


    COST-PLUS, you were there for me and still are. Moved to Manhattan Beach, first job, first apartment and there you were! Still love it. Treasures change and so do you, they get better!

  • Susan

    This recipe looks great! And I’m another with such fond memories of Cost Plus in San Francisco (for me, at Ghirardelli Square in the 70s). Shopping there was a treasure hunt through such a fun store. It’s a little too polished these days to be truly fun, but still a place I enjoy.

    • Dona

      Susan! I, too, shopped at Cost Plus in Fisherman’s Wharf area in San Francisco
      In the 70s! I lived a few blocks away on Francisco Street. Went to college at SFAI. Then lived in North Beach. Now in Seattle, and I can still shop at world Market!

  • RM

    I agree with Rebecca. I grew up with Cost Plus in San Francisco. The ceramic elephant I bought there still graces my front entrance. I love this store—even if it is World Market.

  • Rebecca Rydell

    Thank you for the biscotti recipe! I’ve never made it but I’m going to it my best shot!
    I grew up calling this store Cost Plus and I still do! It’s a hard one for me to change. I have such great memories of the one in Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo, CA, my grandma used to take me there. Thank you for still being around!


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