Chocolate Beet Cupcake Recipe

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Beets are almost always used in savory applications, so perhaps their role in baking cupcakes sounds a bit strange. I admit this is true, but beets work surprisingly well in this cupcake recipe. Beets are pretty earthy in taste, but they also feature a subdued sweetness that can be brought out in the right context. And in these cupcakes, the beets really shine.

A ‘Can’t-Beet-It’ Chocolate Beet Cupcake Recipe

The natural sweetness of beets is amplified by the chocolate element while their earthiness is set off by the espresso element. This makes for a fresh and delightful texture and taste that honestly gives these cupcakes something special. Plus, you still derive all the health benefits beets are known for! The frosting is as pleasant and indulgent as you’d expect, and its tangy cream cheese flavor complements the earthy sweetness of each beet cupcake quite well.

WorldMarket_Kristan_Raines_Chocolate_Beet_Cupcakes (4)

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Makes 13 large cupcakes or 16 small ones


  • DC

    Would love to print out the recipe but 4 pages is just too much. Why can’t you compact your recipes so you don’t have to print out all the useless stuff….take a hint from Kraft recipes which does both a long version and a recipe card version. I have made a beet cake and the recipe is on the internet in a compact form.

  • S. W.

    Been doing this for years. Beets also add moisture to the cupcake or cake. Try it, you’ll like it!

  • Pamela

    I’m new to plant-based eating. Just roasted my first beet two weeks ago to add to a salad. It was easier than expected. Especially when, while it roasted, I chopped veggies, made a juice, and tidied up the kitchen, and “suddenly” the beet was ready! Looking forward to trying this recipe.

  • Simone

    Any reviews from anyone who has actually made these?????

  • R J Walraven

    Just eat the roasted beets and the dark chocolate. Forget the flour, sugar, salt, sugar, and other processed ingredients. When are we going to start eating whole foods instead of sugar and processed foods? And did I mention sugar?!!

  • Peggy

    The ingredient list is long but they are all staples – nothing hard to find. I may try buying cooked beets or baby beet purée just to save a little time up front. They look yummy!
    Any chance gold beets would work in these? The recipe doesn’t specify color but the photos show red beet purée. I have a preference for the gold ones so may try them and see how it goes…..


    sounds yummy, can we Bundt this recipe? also 1/2 cup of puree is two + baby beets, quartered microwaved and quick cooked in water for ten minutes?
    Adding the sugar last to frosting I haven’t seen before, usually goes in earlier?

  • Mary Baumgardner

    Roasting beets is EASY – the oven does the work! I always cook my beets this way as they are SO GOOD! Making puree with a blender is also no work. Ditto making puree of any vegetable which can then be “hidden” in MANY recipes for slipping in those vitamins/minerals especially for children (and other) veggie phobes”!

  • CH

    Beets in baking is not new but with the 6” list of ingredients in this cupcake recipe
    the Lord would have to bless me with a commercial kitchen to make this or any
    of the other recipes Kristan has on her site. Buy them yes…

    • DG

      Can we just use already prepared beets??

    • M Hudson

      It’s not so bad. If you look at the fact that the first half is the batter, and the second half is the frosting. It’s a little less daunting. Sounds yummy… Can’t wait to try it!


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