Bourbon Pomegranate Smash Cocktail

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January is a time for reflection and looking ahead to the new. In Greece, New Year traditions include smashing a pomegranate on the floor to reveal seeds symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. The more seeds, the more luck! This tradition sounds incredibly fun, albeit sticky, so we want to pay tribute to the pomegranate’s good fortune (and a fresh start) with a fizzy cocktail.


The Bourbon Pomegranate Smash is incredibly easy to assemble and festive enough to enjoy year-round. Visually playful, the floating seeds and fresh sprig of mint are worthy of sharing with friends during the holidays and well into backyard entertaining during the summer months. Pomegranate soda also gives the drink that extra kick of sweetness and vibrant color that just sings for a party.

Not into bourbon? No problem! Feel free to play around with the pomegranate fizz concept and add gin or even tequila to complement any type of gathering.

Here’s to good luck and making more delicious drinks in the new year. Cheers!


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Yield:1 Servings


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