Botanical Garden Cocktail Recipe: Nasturtium Negroni

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Spring is on the horizon and perhaps most importantly, the return to daylight savings (hello, sunshine!). So now is the perfect time to start plotting your garden… and the garden cocktail recipe that could come from it! This spring we’re celebrating the season by combining two of our favorite things: Nasturtiums and Negronis.

Nasturtiums are one of the easiest plants to grow from seeds and you don’t need a massive plot to make some gorgeous greenery happen. In fact, this plant loves growing in a small pot just as much as a dirt patch by a sidewalk. So no need to be concerned where you sow your seeds, it thrives in even the worst of conditions.

Beside enjoying the playful lily pad type leaves and colorful blooms, what really makes nasturtium a spectacular plant to grow is that it’s 100% edible! That’s right, the leaves and blooms can be tossed into your salads or cocktails for a peppery and spicy aromatic kick.

 (Not Your Garden Variety) Garden Cocktail Recipe

This cocktail is a spin on the classic Negroni. A slightly more bitter and floral version from its red campari-infused original. Still gin based, this version adds a different kind of herbaceous flavor with Suze Liqueur, which has sweet honey notes paired with pine and eucalyptus, with Lillet Blanc. Which, if you made our Last Word cocktail recently, you’ve already got that secret weapon spirit to pull off this unique cocktail.

This garden cocktail recipe is delicious even without the nasturtium bite, but the heightened herbaceousness makes this version one of a kind. Besides, I’m not sure there’s anything more rewarding than plucking from your own garden and turning it into something extra special to share with friends.

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Here’s to sprouting that green thumb (and cocktails) this spring — cheers!

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