Blood Moon Martini Recipe

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Kristin Guy: - Discover, a blog by World Market

Eeeek! Did you hear that? Was it a creak in the night…or a blood moon rising? While both sound equally spooky, you best believe you want the latter, because it’s actually a fun halloween cocktail that you’ll want to treat guests to this October!

Blood Moon Martini Recipe - Discover, a blog by World Market

Yes, I realize this is the time of year we find ourselves focused on the more obvious autumnal flavors, but what about surprising guests (and yourself) with something savory, ghoulishly-appropriate, and yet stunning and equally delicious? Let’s switch things up by concocting a theatrical twist on a classic: the bloody mary. But this isn’t just any bloody mary – it’s actually a lighter more sophisticated martini version that is appropriate for the non-brunching hours, with a vibrant, slightly-spicy compote that will make you howl well into the night.

To create the “blood moon” layer and enrich those tangy flavors, reduce the sriracha bloody mary mix to a thicker sauce and set in the freezer to chill. The thicker, chilled reduction aids in the layering process. Simply (but slowly) pour gin on top and garnish with a mix and match cocktail pick of artisanal cocktail bites. A collection of multi-colored olives, onions and caper berries give a gourd-esque appearance, a whimsical nod to the season without going over the top. I call that a cocktail that is perfectly elegant yet daring—the perfect way to toast to the night!

Blood Moon Martini Recipe - Discover, a blog by World Market

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Yield:1 Servings


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