Big Batch Holiday Cocktail Recipe

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Katie Workman - Discover, a blog by World Market

The color of this holiday cocktail is terrifically pretty, and the refreshing combo of basil and tart grapefruit will color your guests impressed. Place a bucket of ice nearby, tuck basil leaves into empty glasses ready to be filled, keep topping off the pitcher, and let everyone help themselves to another glass.

WorldMarket_Katie_Workman_Grapefruit_Basil_Martini_Recipe (5)

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Makes 8 cocktails


  • Shirliegirlie

    I guess things got mixed up in the ingredient list. Grapefruit juice (and amount) was left off the list. Also unclear which amount of simple syrup goes in basil. Right now this is a potent, super sweet, basil & vodka martini. POW!

    • World Market Editorial

      Shirley, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have added the 6 cups of grapefruit juice to the recipe card. Also, 1/4 cup simple syrup is added to the basil. Happy Holidays!

  • Bkjones

    Obviously an error in the ingredients. You must mean 16 oz. grapefruit juice?
    I think gin would be better than vodka!

    • World Market Editorial

      We have updated the recipe card to reflect the grapefruit and quantity…it is 6 cups. Happy Holidays!


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