Nouveau Sangaree: Autumn Red Wine Cocktail Recipe

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Did you feel that? A little morning crispness, a gentle afternoon breeze… it seems summer’s sweltering heat is finally breaking! That means our eyes are officially locked in on autumn, and we’re changing up the cocktail menu to celebrate.

Though we’re not quite ready to commit to all things spiced just yet (but don’t fret, that’s coming) we wanted to play with flavors that are refreshing while still embracing the seasonal shift.

Most don’t think about wine in cocktail form, unless we’re talking summer spritzers which are perfect for warm-weather entertaining. So we thought we’d raise a glass to something new (to us) that’s actually been around for decades and would be perfect for fall — and yes, it’s main ingredient is red wine!

The “Nouveau Sangaree” is an old-timey (yet sophisticated) American cocktail that was the precursor to Sangria. Up until the 60s, when Sangria as we know it became ALL the rage, this was a popular drink that suddenly fell off the radar due to it’s trendy fruity iced update. The Nouveau has all the same flavor notes as Sangria, which is surprising since the only common ingredient is wine!

This drink is concocted with a careful balance of Beaujolais wine, Apple Brandy, Gin, maple syrup and bitters. It sounds like a lot going on in this glass and it’s true, but in the best way possible.

06_Nouveau Sangaree Cocktail

You get juicy berry notes from the Beaujolais, herbaceousness from the gin, and a slight unexpected sweetness from the maple syrup. It’s definitely a classy cocktail that should be served straight up in a coupe and would be a perfect addition to any upcoming autumn gatherings.

Cheers to the start of autumn and bringing friends together to try something new!

08_Nouveau Sangaree Cocktail ALT

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Makes one cocktail


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