6 Tips for Hosting a Modern Tea Party

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Tea parties have often been thought of as quiet, stuffy gatherings that require good posture, satin gloves and a string of pearls. Well let me tell you, those days are gone! Modern tea houses are popping up all over the world — from Australia to Paris — offering the same classic traditions but packaged up in an ultra hip and modern experience.

What makes these eclectic Tea Houses special is that they put just as much thought into the type of tea and small bites as the design of the room, often all tied together into a dynamic theme. And by no means is anyone is expected to take themselves too seriously!

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This spring, we’re throwing a modern tea party inspired by the Sketch Tea House in London. This particular tea house is a playful mix of old world whimsy paired with a slight rock ‘n’ roll edge.

Our party also has a clever mix of glamorous gold in whimsical shapes and a modern twist of graphical black and white artwork, but what makes this tea party exceptional outside of design is that we’ve weaved tea into every bit. French macarons laced with chamomile, champagne cocktails with earl grey…even a savory matcha green goddess crostini that everyone will want the recipe for! Let’s not forget we’re also going to include some custom tea blend ideas for you to try out and even send home with friends.

We’ve put together 6 inspirational tips and ideas to get you on your way to host the ultimate tea party. Try them all for an eclectic gathering, or pick and choose your favorite details for an elevated event all your own.

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Pinkies Up! 6 Tea Party Hosting Tips

#1 Set The Scene:

This look, it’s all about the balance of two very different styles. We’ve even laced more elegant copper around the table with a stunning kettle and tea strainers, then created a rock ‘n’ roll twist by adding gold with a simple DIY adornment. A quick swipe of liquid gold foil turns these classic white tea cups and saucers into a fresh work of art!

All this glam needs a modern hit to achieve balance, so try adding dramatic details with black and white graphics. You can print images from the computer, gather pages torn out of novels or even hand sketch your own. Simply take your graphic creations and tape them up to create a one of a kind gallery wall that is filled with personality. Another way to add a bit of drama is with a dark macrame runner which adds a little bohemian edge.

To finish your tablescape, add a touch of delicate blooms and linens in a complementary color palette of lilac, pink and purples to soften it all up with a dash of femininity. Trendy meets timeless for a unique tea-sipping experience!

#2 Balanced Blends:

This is not your typical tea from a box kind of party! So set up a do it yourself Tea Blending Bar where guests can experiment with different flavor pairings. Mint and green tea are lovely steeped in a cup together, as is a mix of citrus peels, lavender and rose in your favorite black tea.

By offering several loose varieties in a beautiful brass tea box, friends can create their own custom mix, and brew tableside. Just make sure the kettle never runs low on hot water!

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#3 Savory Small Bites:

It’s not a tea party without tiny tea sandwiches! Let’s infuse matcha tea into a vibrant Green Goddess dressing that is perfectly paired with hard boiled egg and tuna. Serve them up on little toasted crostinis for a fun update to the classic tea bite. (Grab the matcha Green Goddess recipe below!)

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#4 Something Sweet:

Chamomile macarons filled with rose cream are a unique tea-infused treat that make this party feel extra special. Try swiping a brush stroke of edible gold onto each cookie to carry the decor theme even further. Talk about a host who doesn’t miss a single detail…and it’s divine! (Check out the full recipe here!)

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#5 Don’t Forget to Toast:

Often times, high tea also includes a sip of something special. One of our favorite ways to enjoy bubbly is with an Earl Grey Tea infused champagne cocktail that will make this afternoon feel extra special and extra celebratory. (You can snag this cocktail recipe here.)

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#6 Gifts-to-Go:

Time to get crafty and send guests home with their favorite custom tea blend of the day. Glass jars with cork lids get a makeover with a quick brush of gold foil to tie the entire theme together. Simply fill with their tea combination of choice and package up with a brass tea strainer so friends can relive your tea party sparkle at home.

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Recipe – Makes 12 mini Crostinis

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**Please note: Crafting liquid gold foil is not food safe. If creating this look, only swipe gold on areas that will not be eaten from such as a saucer or side of a cup. Make sure that when purchasing, to note the difference between food safe and edible foils vs. the crafting varieties for any and all projects.



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