4 Tips For Creating a Delicious Easter Brunch

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I love Easter because it gives me a reason to host a proper brunch. To make this year’s Easter brunch less stressful for everyone, I’ll share my secrets for crafting a manageable menu that looks and tastes amazing, too!

Tip 1: Build a menu with small appliances in mind.

No one ever said you had to slave over a stove to cook a perfect menu. A smart host will utilize every tool to make prepping easier. My favorite tools are the Retro Waffle Maker and Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker. Make use of the waffle maker to make my Mini Matcha Coconut Waffle Stacks (recipe below). You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to use. You won’t even need a syrup, but if you want a topping, might I suggest some El Brezal Spanish Honey? As for the egg cooker, this machine makes the best soft-boiled eggs. The whites are cooked perfectly, and the yolks are warm and runny, which is ideal for dunking toasty bread soldiers and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears.

Find the recipe for my Dippy Eggs at bakedbyjoanna.com.

Tip 2: Elevate your traditional foods.

Start with a classic brunch menu and find a way to make it your own with simple upgrades. Dunk your waffles into chocolate, accompany a fruit platter with yogurt and granola to create a bar, infuse batters with tea, or make a homemade vinaigrette that includes a delicious preserve, like MacKays Orange Marmalade with Champagne. Most importantly, use quality ingredients.

Tip 3: Cut, sprinkle and assemble fruit with care.

Rock your fruit platter. It sounds silly, but a fruit platter is essentially just fruit. To make it interesting, steer clear of cutting plain cubes and lining everything up in rows or very distinctive spots, unless that’s totally your jam. Instead, showcase fruits beautifully by tearing a pomegranate in half so you keep the integrity of its interior, carving a kiwi in a way that gives it more texture and sprinkling smaller ingredients, such as berries, over other fruits to make the platter look cohesive. This approach makes fruits look more beautiful. And guess what? You’ll look like a stellar host.

Tip 4: Include a featured dish.

I particularly love waffles.Waffles all day, I say! There are many ways to up your game with this treat. Serve it alongside a buffet of fruits that highlights the season’s best produce.

Make homemade syrups or purchase interesting flavors for your guests to drown each square. Mix together a batch of flavored butters and include some whipped varieties that feel light, but taste indulgent. Incorporate spices, teas, coffees and other ingredients directly in the batter before cooking for a toasty burst of flavor.

And lastly – my favorite actually – dip those bad boys in some chocolate and sprinkle with roasted nuts, seeds or coconut. If the thought of tea, chocolate and coconut interests you, I have no doubt you’ll love my recipe for Mini Matcha Coconut Waffle Stacks.

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Mini Matcha Coconut Waffle Stacks Recipe 


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