Part 1: How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Ornaments and Trimmings

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I decorated this tree with ornaments from the Frosty Morning Collection, and I love the wintery look and feel it gives to the space.

When decorating a tree, it’s important to try to create three things: layers, balance and movement. I decorate my trees using a very specific order to help create all of these things, and I will share my steps and tips below.

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First, I set up and fluff my tree. It is important not to skip this step because it really makes the tree look so much better after being in storage for a year. During this step you will also want to check all of the lights to make sure they are working, and add or replace any that are no longer working.

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Next, I add a mixture of the glittered and white branches to my tree. This one addition adds so much balance and movement, so I always take my time to get the branches just the way I want them. I love that these branches were curled at the end, which helps the eye travel up and down the tree. I also love that they give the tree texture and a very ethereal feel.


After I am happy with the way my branches look on the tree, I add my next biggest element—the Laser-Cut Wood Snowflakes. I spread the snowflakes evenly throughout the tree, leaving enough space for the rest of my ornaments. I really like the look of mixing some bigger ornaments in with smaller ones, and in my opinion, these snowflakes really make this tree pop.

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Next, I add a little bit of my first ribbon. Ribbon can be so tricky and intimidating, but just remember to layer and balance. It’s okay to not add your ribbon all at once. Just add it where and when it makes sense as a layer. You can see more of my tree ribbon tips here. I used this cream ribbon I had in my stash and later on, we can take a look at how I added the cream burlap ribbon. I didn’t make it too perfect, but instead chose areas from top to bottom and created a nice base layer.

After the first layer of ribbon, I added a bunch of the pretty frosted pinecones to the tree. At this point, I’m working with a nice layered base from where I can add the rest of the ornaments. I used a mixture of a bunch of different sparkly and gorgeous ornaments from the Frosty Morning Collection to fill in any of the sparse areas (I set aside a few of the wood houses for later). To create more visual interest, I made sure to nestle some of the ornaments back into the branches while hanging others on the outer branches.

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After I hung the rest of the ornaments, I added my final layer of ribbon—the blonde burlap ribbon in the wrapping paper section of World Market. I lightly jumped sections of ribbon evenly in different areas of the tree. I love the texture it added to the tree!

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Finally, I added the wood houses to the tree, creating one final layer of interest and texture. At this point, I definitely tweaked things a little here and there, but for the most part I was finished!

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I added the beautiful bottle brush and glitter trees on my side table with a couple of the wood houses. I think it adds just the perfect little something to my tree vignette.

Decorating Christmas trees is one of my very favorite things to do when decorating for the holidays, and I hope you found my tips helpful! You can see more of my trees and tips here. I love this collection, and I think that it made for such a fresh and elegant tree. There is something about layering different whites, metallics, and glitters that is just so beautiful.

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