3 Tips for Pantry Organizing That Will Change Everything


My biggest goal for 2017 is organization, and nothing was more of a beast to tackle than our pantry. We have a tiny kitchen with very little room in our pantry, and our pantry needed a good cleanup before the new year’s arrival. Before I got started on the pantry organizing, items were often not within plain sight and not easily accessible. I had no idea which items we were running low on, and which ones were expired. Trust me on this one: nothing is worse than cupboards full of boxes and bags piled high!

Here is my pantry’s before shot: 
Pantry Organization Tips - Discover, A World Market Blog

And my pantry’s after shot: 
Pantry Organization Tips - Discover, A World Market Blog

Pantry Organizing Made Easy

Tip #1: Get jars!

My solution? Jars! Jars of different shapes and sizes. I believe storing food in clear jars is not only classic and timeless in appearance, but a wonderful way to know when you are low or out of something. It may take a few minutes longer to put away food when coming home from the store, but the extra time lends itself to being less wasteful in the long run.

I may have had to phone a friend 10 times to get a little help; pantry organizing doesn’t come naturally to me, but I hope this inspires all of you disorganized people to get your hands on a few jars, too!  I swear, you won’t believe how inexpensive this update can be. Plus, it feels ammaazzziinnggg to have a clean cupboard!

Pantry Organization Tips - Discover, A World Market Blog

I chose jars with clamps, a few with wood tops, and a row of just plain jars; you can find these clamp jars with a wood top here. I used these jars for the candy and marshmallows. They are the perfect size for something fun, and I love pulling them out when we are having hot chocolate, or when I need some candy to bribe our two-year-old to go on the potty!

These are the jars I used for the sugar, flour and more:

Pantry Organization Tips - Discover, A World Market Blog

Tip #2: Get scoops for your dry goods!

I also love aluminum scoops. I put one in the oatmeal, sugar, and flour jars!

Tip #3: Use those baskets!

For the top row I used baskets in which to put snacks and other bulk items.

Pantry Organization Tips - Discover, A World Market Blog

And I loved this apron, too. Let’s just hope I remember to wear it the next time I bake!

Pantry Organization Tips - Discover, A World Market Blog

I love how my pantry turned out. Thank you all for stopping by, and I hope this inspires you in some way to freshen up your cupboards and pantry this new year!

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  • Sandra Smith

    I love the use of a vintage cupboard for your pantry. Adds so much character and joy to meal prep! Sandra

  • Deborah Tolland

    Maybe I just try to cram way too much into my pantry closet…your pantry looks wonderful and so organized:)


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