Pack Your Basket for a “No-Fuss” Picnic


Having a picnic out on fresh green grass on a warm and sunny day is one of life’s simplest and most enjoyable pleasures. There are few things better than getting together with some friends or family and relaxing in the serenity of the sun rays. And with some tasty treats and drinks at hand, one could easily spend all of spring looking for an excuse to get outside.

But sometimes it isn’t exactly easy to figure out how to get a picnic just right, or how to just pick up and go in the spur of the moment. Provided we’ll be seeing plenty of cloudless days this season, I’ve put together a short guide to helping you take any picnic opportunity that comes your way in no time. So here are my four essentials for a lovely, no-fuss picnic.

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What to Pack for a Perfect Picnic

First, get a solid, reliable picnic basket. If your basket’s too small, it won’t hold enough and you’ll have your hands full with too many things. But if it’s too big, you’ll either break a sweat getting out on the grass or else need a couple people to help you. Get one that will hold all your food and drinks, while leaving a bit of room to roll your blanket in under the handles.

World Market’s Willow Heart Basket is pretty much perfect. And in the event that you need just a little extra room, World Market also has a great selection of quaint metal baskets that come in handy.

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Second, dial in your snacks. I have found that keeping it simple is usually the best way to go, so I suggest stocking up on snacks for your next outing. Fruits, cheeses, meats, chocolates, breads–get a selection of treats and keep a steady flow of tasty delights.

I always reach for a sourdough baguette, handfuls of grapes and strawberries, some mozzarella and toscano cheese, a packet of salami, and bar of dark chocolate when I head out for a picnic. Choose your favorite assortment and just keep them on hand.

Third, make sure you’re comfortable. The classic picnic comfort move is the blanket, which of course shouldn’t be omitted from any outing. But you should also think about bringing some pillows on which to rest your head, or for something soft to lean on as you recline. I tend to keep a pillow or two stored in the same place as my picnic basket, so when the opportunity for a picnic comes up I can just grab them and go.

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Fourth, bring some drinks. It can be anything from wine to water–I have found that having a selection of drinks is never a bad idea. Not only do you want to avoid finding yourself parched half-way through your picnic, you also probably want to revel in the complex tastes of fine drinks and enjoy the added layer of relaxation they provide.

I hope these tips will provide you with some inspiration if you’re planning on a picnic or two this season. Have fun!

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