Outdoor Living: Lighting Inspiration

Amanda Rogers

3 Outdoor Lighting Tips - Discover, a blog by World Market

My favorite part about summer isn’t the sunny days—it’s sitting outside on warm nights and having some adult beverages and conversation after the kids are tucked in. The only problem is we live in the country, so there is absolutely no light outside (besides the moon); not even street lights!

Since I like to actually see the people I’m chatting with, I brightened up a corner of the patio with string lights. I love how the frosted glass bulbs created a super cozy look. The key to great outdoor lighting is to think about it coming from three sources: above, below and in the middle. For a middle light source, I used a cool geometric hurricane lantern with an outdoor LED candle on a side table and a yummy-smelling pretty candle on the drinks tray. For the light source coming from below, I used a metal lantern with another flameless candle; they’re such a good idea for kids (and clumsy adults) because you don’t have to worry about fire or hot wax if one gets accidentally kicked over. Also important for enjoying nights outside? Lavender plants, which are a natural mosquito repellent, or citronella candles!

3 Outdoor Lighting Tips - Discover, a blog by World Market

The nights are starting to get warmer and a summer shandy is calling my name! I can’t wait to move evening catch-up sessions from the couch and TV to the patio and fireflies outside.




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  • Betty Johnson

    That’s a good idea to put lanterns out there as well as string lights. I hadn’t given it much thought, but having light from multiple sources and directions can really make a difference. Depending on where you are keeping the lanterns, you can use normal candles or flameless candles. Either way, it can look really cool.


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