3 Creative Origami Napkin Fold Ideas

It’s easy to fall into a table setting rut—but it’s equally easy to get out of the slump with stylish table napkin folds! Here we pick our top three favorite origami napkin fold displays, all inspired by the ancient art of origami. The diamond pouch, the accordion and the stunning lotus. Try your hand at each one with the help of our step-by-step visual guide and add a dash of panache to your table setting today.

3 Creative Table Napkin Origami Folds - Discover, A World Market Blog

Diamond Pouch Fold

Fold your cloth napkin to create a pouch or pocket for your stunning silverware or party menu. Don’t be intimidated by the triple diamond origami napkin fold—this folding technique is easy to learn! Whether dressed up with twine or dressed down with a pop of color, the diamond pouch fold is guaranteed to up the look of your tablescape.

3 Creative Table Napkin Origami Folds - Discover, A World Market Blog


3 Creative Table Napkin Origami Folds - Discover, A World Market Blog

Accordion Leaf Fold 

This folding technique adds uniqueness to any table setting. With a little patience and lots of attention to detail, the accordion leaf origami napkin fold transforms neutral chargers and plates into dimensional pieces of table art. Pair the napkin with Thai, Malay or Indian food, and tie the whole thing together with a touch of nature (an orchid flower or freshly-picked leaf will do).


3 Creative Table Napkin Origami Folds - Discover, A World Market Blog

Lotus Fold

Known in decorista circles as the lotus—or water lily or artichoke—fold, this fold pairs perfectly with a special occasion or at-home celebration. Leave the napkin as is for its stunning appeal or fill the folds with candy or chocolate and delight your guests with a sweet surprise.

3 Creative Table Napkin Origami Folds - Discover, A World Market Blog


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