How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry for the New School Year

Katie Workman - Discover, a blog by World Market

To look into my kitchen pantry is to know that I have not been able to work my way through all of Marie Kondo’s book. The thing that stops me (and I think most rational, employed people) from fully embracing her organization and tidying up philosophy is that you have to do ALL OF IT AT ONCE WITH NO EXCUSES, AND NO BREAKS.

I don’t have that kind of time, and I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it.

However, I am definitely prone to bouts of tidying up and getting organized, and one of the times of year that I tend to get the kitchen pantry organization bug is when school is approaching. Like many parents, I want to set myself up so that when the whirling dervish of school spins into our lives, I am somewhat prepared to handle the immediate explosion of forms to be filled out, football games, school supply purchases, debate team practices, and weeknight dinners (and speaking of—this pork tenderloin recipe should be your new weeknight dinner favorite).


My kitchen pantry tends to get a bit chaotic, but when I take the time to get it nice and orderly, I feel much more in control of mealtimes (and life in general—we all have our things: for me, they’re an organized pantry…and a manicure). I’m loving these glass jars to store my dry ingredients. I can see what’s there, and how much is left, and these great chalkboard labels make sure I don’t confuse my farro with the spelt.


I also have a very special relationship with my label maker. I use it to label shelves: tomato products,pasta, rice and grains, and baking ingredients. Theoretically, this is so I know what goes where, though it needs to be reset every so often. I also love to label the tops of my spice jars, for quick and easy identification of a lot of little bottles that look remarkably identical from the top.

Some other kitchen organization favorites: I don’t know why I didn’t treat myself to this smart pad years ago, so I’m not always hunting for a piece of paper to write down supermarket lists. And these pretty little bags mean no more piles of ugly plastic bags overflowing in the corner of the pantry.

Marie Kondo basically says don’t bother organizing anything if you’re not going to do the whole thing. I say if the kitchen is in decent shape, my world feels better. But she is more than welcome to come over and tackle the rest of my home organization. I will certainly cook her dinner.


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