Nicole Curtis-Approved Holiday Gifts

“Rehab Addict” host Nicole Curtis knows how hard it is to pick the right present for everyone on your nice list. Fret not, friend. She’s done the hard work for you and curated her very own list of top gift picks for kids, your hostess-with-the-mostess friend, and gifts for the most important person in your life—you.

Treat yourself to the most unique decor and delight even the littlest recipients with gifts that will make them smile!


  • Maureen Shelton

    I love how she takes an old home, that most people would tear down, and restores it to its former glory.

  • Denise H

    Nicole needs to come back to the Twin Cities and do more rehabs. Since I’m from there I love to see the homes she does. And I love her philosophy……. (paraphrasing) Old People, Old Dogs, Old Houses.

  • Cre8tive

    She’s on DIY Network and they show plenty of reruns believe me.

  • Chris Jackson

    I did an online search. Looks like the last episode of Season 7 aired on 5/4/16, so they’re probably shooting new episodes. Or she’s taking time off for her new baby. Wish HGTV would air reruns though.

  • Sandy

    I miss her too! I should have never changed cable carriers. I feel like breaking my contract just to get her channel, umm…?

  • Maris owen

    Ditto here no longer get her on Time warner/Spectrum. Do not receive DIY Sure miss her and her fun filled show

    • Amy

      You can stream her show on YouTube. You pay for the season but at least it’s less expensive than full cable.

  • Helen D

    Loved her show bring it back to HGTV

  • Jill

    I also no longer get her show

  • Debbie D

    Nicole was moved to DYI network. We miss her too!

  • Sandy B

    I agree with Helga. My service doesn’t carry whatever network she’s on. Miss her!

  • Helga O'Brien

    I loved Nicole’s show but don’t see it anymore. I’d love to see it back!


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