Make Your Own Mulled Wine Gift Basket For Under $50


Finding the right Christmas gift can be extremely hard sometimes. I try my best to give people thoughtful gifts that they’ll actually use and enjoy, and yet, I still have a lot of friends and family that are very difficult to buy for. No one wants a gift that they won’t use or enjoy. So in order to avoid a gift that’s given just for the sake of gifting, I’ve come up with a new tradition. Instead of giving stuff to others, I’m gifting them an experience! 

A Make Your Own Mulled Wine Gift Basket For Under $50 - Discover, A World Market Blog

One of my favorite go-to gifts for the holidays is giving people a gift basket with a great holiday-themed recipe. That way they can use it for themselves or to spread the holiday cheer. I’m sure you’ve all seen the chocolate-chip-cookie-mix-in-a-jar gift. Let’s just take that idea and go a little bit farther with it.

I’m talking about a mulled wine kit in a basket. Pretty fun, right?

I love drinking spiced, mulled wine during the holidays. It’s just so festive. But it’s also not something people think about doing on their own, am I right? That’s where this gift basket comes in; it’s everything you need to make mulled wine in a great looking gift basket. And what’s even better? World Market has everything you need to make it. No need to trek to multiple stores or specialty markets. 

How to Create a Make Your Own Mulled Wine Gift Basket

Step 1. First things first, you’ll need a good looking basket to put everything in. Then you’ll want to line the basket with some pretty linens. A lot of people use tissue paper, but I think using a pretty tea towel is way more versatile, not to mention long lasting.

Step 2. Now for the recipe ingredients. You’ll need a tasty bottle of red wine and this great holiday mulled punch. World Market also has a ready-to-go mulling spice mixture available. I like to fancy it up with some star anise and cinnamon sticks. Then I add the whole thing into a pretty decorative jar. Don’t forget the honey!

Step 3. Next, add a couple of nice mugs to serve the wine in. These double wall glass mugs will do the trick! Don’t forget to add a copy of your recipe for them to follow.

Step 4. Throw a ribbon and a gift tag on it and call it a day!

A Make Your Own Mulled Wine Gift Basket For Under $50 - Discover, A World Market Blog

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