6 Swoon-Worthy Ways to Give Love Notes

We know how hard it is to say the L-word. Love notes are a personal thing, one that requires some thought and emotion. It helps if the note is sweet, sassy, or both. We’ve made it a little easier for all of the I-love-you-phobes out there by gathering a few items that say so much with so little.

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Love Notes That Will Wow

Whether you’re rhyming or free versing your way through your love notes, clipping pictures and love quotes around the house, or penning your first sonnet in invisible ink, we think you’re going to love these six Valentine’s Day items below.


1. Romantic Retro Love Notes with Twine. You can flesh out the details in the card, but the cover says it all: Be my Valentine. The retro feel of these cards adds to their romantic feel.

2. Sealing Wax Kit. Seal your love notes with a kiss—and a fleur de lys! This sealing wax kit is a throwback to the era when everyone wrote love notes in flowery script. You don’t have to do that.

3. Many Thanks Letterpress Cards. Single on V-day? Use this holiday to say thanks in dozens of languages to the people who love you to pieces. Or send them to your own favorite folks!

4. V-Day Wooden Clips. From playful and flirtatious to a declaration of love, these clips say it all.

5. Valentine’s Day Laser-Cut Notecards. These precious, beautiful and delicate cards are blank inside. Time to finish that sonnet or existential love haiku.

6. Secret Love Letter Writing Set. Write with these pens and your love notes may look like sweet nothings—except they’re not! A love note written in invisible ink is pretty much the coolest thing ever, whether you’re 10 or 110.

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