Why We Love It: 6 Crystal Jewelry Pieces

We’ve selected six crystal jewelry pieces for their stylish design and purported healing properties. Take a look at our eye-catching assortment and see which one would elevate your look—and outlook—affordably.

Why We Love It: 6 Crystal Jewelry Pieces - Discover, A World Market Blog

Crystal Jewelry That Dazzles

1. Quartz Crystal Wire Cuff Bracelet

Why we love it: Luminous in white, this adjustable cuff bracelet has a dual-pointed prism shape that’s casual enough to wear during the day and could easily dress up a dinner fashion ensemble. White crystal jewelry is believed to purify the environment and radiate positive energy; keeping it on your wrist and person can only increase your positivity, right?

2. Gold Bar Quartz Necklaces

Why we love it: In addition to its on-trend, double-layer style, these necklaces are believed to help wearers connect to the beauty that surrounds us all and release negativity and stress that’s close to our hearts.

3. Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Why we love it: Believed by many to cleanse your energy overnight, stimulate intuition, and encourage healing abilities, our freeform crystals feature glowing shades of lavender that give your look a completely unique edge.

4. Gold and Quartz Pull-through Earrings

Why we love it: These one-of-a-kind pull-through quartz and gold earrings shine with natural brilliance and may help balance chakras that enhance self-discipline and orderliness. Pick up an edgy pair to wear to your next music festival!

5. Gold Hoop Earrings with Gray Quartz

Why we love it: Fashion forward and completely eye-catching, gray quartz is believed by many to elevate your mood, help you overcome negative emotions, and relieve depression.

6. Double Crescent Amethyst Drop Necklace

Why we love it: Ask any gemologist and she’ll likely praise both the inherent beauty and many healing qualities of amethyst. A stone of spirituality, amethyst is worn by fashionistas, yoginis and everyone in between because of its supposed ability to purify the aura of any negative energy or attachments. Our necklace has two amethyst drops, which bodes doubly well for its wearer.

Find the perfect ensemble to pair with your new crystal jewelry!


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