Light Travels: Unique Lighting from Vietnam

When we tell our buyers we’re sending them to far-flung locations to uncover unique, affordable finds, their reaction is, “When do we leave?” This enthusiasm results in the discovery of extraordinary items for your home that you won’t find anywhere else. And we always love what they unpack when they return. Our buyer, Mary, recently returned from Vietnam with some Lighting selections that are unlike anything we’ve seen.

So, let’s flip the switch — it’s time to shine a spotlight on our worldly new pendant and lamp shades!

Beautiful Bamboo

Our Black Woven Bamboo Pendant Shade is loosely hand woven of bamboo by Vietnamese artisans to allow ambient light to shine through, and the teardrop pendant is finished in black for added drama. Pair it with one of our vintage-style Edison filament bulbs and the electrical cord swag kit of your choosing to create a custom look for any room. It’s also available in a Natural Finish for a fresh, earthy feel.

Here, you can see how the artists weave each specially-selected fiber by hand. The methods they use are handed down through the generations, resulting in pieces of great beauty and solid construction. The fine detail work is impressive, and each piece is slightly different due to the variations that occur with thoughtfully made, hand crafted items.

Natural Lighting

Handwoven of water hyacinth our exclusive Woven Hyacinth Drum Shade features a subtle chevron pattern in a versatile, natural hue. You can top off any of our table lamps with this neutral shade for a pretty accent on a side table. Or, pair it with an electrical cord swag kit to create a chic hanging pendant.

From the photos, you can see the skill required to create an item that is equal parts pretty and practical. This is so much more than a paper shade! Each one is tightly woven to create a visually compelling, textured pattern and they are build to last. The materials are simple; the look is decidedly upscale.

Photos by Buyer Mary Huynh

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