Fresh Tips for a Laundry Room Makeover by Beth Hunter

A smaller laundry room requires out-of-the-box thinking and inventive storage solutions. Using beautiful and functional organization options from World Market, let’s explore several creative ways to get your laundry room in shape for the new year!

Fill the awkward space above laundry room cabinets with useful storage baskets.

If your cabinets don’t quite reach the ceiling, consider using this empty space for additional storage! Woven bins and baskets hide clutter and extra cleaning supplies, keep each family member’s laundry organized, and look beautiful in your home.

Tip: Before shopping for baskets, first measure the length, height, and depth of the empty space. World Market’s online description for each basket includes dimensions to help you determine which size and style will work best for your laundry room. 

Use a wall shelf to house additional laundry essentials.

Wall shelves aren’t just for kitchens and offices! Utilize wall storage in the laundry room to keep essentials easily at hand. With its two-shelf display and metal hooks, the Metal And Wood Skyler 2 Shelf Wall Storage unit is a wonderful organizational solution for small laundry rooms.

The shelving offers plenty of space to store laundry supplies and the metal hooks are wonderful for hanging drip-dry items.

Keep powder laundry detergents more manageable and accessible by storing them in glass containers.

Powdered laundry detergents are often affected by moisture and humidity when housed in their original containers. Transfer the products to sealed glass jars to keep products easily within reach and beautifully contained.

Use a metal scoop to dispense the product when needed. You can also use lidded containers to store your scent boosters, detergent pods, and even to quickly toss away dryer lint!

When looking for containers to store laundry supplies, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! This vintage-inspired pencil case is a cute place to store wool dryer balls or dryer sheets.

Store liquid laundry detergent in a beverage dispenser.

Beverage dispensers are able to dispense more than just your favorite cold drinks! This World Market dispenser holds 2.2 gallons of liquid, making it the ideal size for storing up to two large containers of commercial laundry detergent. Using a cute measuring cup is a fun way to dispense the detergent and measure out what is needed!

Rolling laundry carts allow you to easily tote heavy linens and clothing between rooms.

Transporting piles of laundry from room to room can require some heavy lifting! Save your back by investing in a rolling laundry cart. This spacious tote allows you to easily roll laundry loads to where they’re needed. Bonus: the basket liner is removable for easy cleaning.

When tight on space, consider a fold-away ironing board.

This over-the-door ironing board easily mounts to the back of most doors with a convenient pull-down and pop-up feature. There are no levers to fiddle with or buttons to push – simply pull it down when needed and lift it up when not in use!

Make it beautiful!

Every task – even laundry – is more enjoyable when your workspace is pretty. Add wall decor that makes you smile and complements your space. This gorgeous self-service laundry mirror is on-theme and beautifies the room!


  • Sujatha Shekar

    Such a smart looking laundry room. My laundry room exactly looks like this but at present is blah looking. You have given me new ideas to spruce it up and make laundry enjoyable and efficient too. Thank you.

  • Lisa

    Ooh, what color are those walls! I have a decent sized space I’m going to renovate, but without a window…

  • Debbie

    I absolutely love your laundry room. It is so bright, cheerful and most of all functional and a great use of limited space. Although it looks quite big to me. I have been thinking about refreshing my own laundry room. My laundry room is much smaller than yours but I do have tall ceilings..which I have been thinking about using that unused space above the washer and dryer and I have been thinking about how to use all the other wall space in the room. If you have to do least the space you do it in should be pretty as well. Great ideas and a beautiful space. Thanks friend for your help!!


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