Last-Minute DIY Christmas Gift: Potted Plant

Who among us hasn’t glanced at the calendar only to realize how few days are left until Christmas, and — *gulp* — we’ve hardly made a dent in our gift list? Well, read on! We’ll show you five quick steps for creating an irresistible last-minute DIY Christmas gift that’ll impress the whole list, from grandparents to friends to coworkers.

Hint: This easy DIY gift idea is sure to grow on ’em!

DIY Christmas Gift: A Potted Plant

Potted plant gifts are a refreshing change of pace from ‘the usual’ Christmas presents. They’re readily available in all different types at your local market (pro tip: you can also use potted herbs like mint and thyme, or small faux plants). They add a welcome touch of green during wintertime. Plus, they can be dressed up with a pretty printed kitchen towel and ribbon to create a completely adorable holiday gift presentation.

What you’ll need to make the gift:

Step 1: Wrap plant in a small plastic bag and cut off any excess. This will prevent leaking when watering the plant.

Step 2: Bring one corner to the center of the towel and fold. Next, place the plant in the middle and cover the plant pot.

Step 3: Take the right hand corner of the towel and wrap over the the center of the plant pot and pin.

Step 4: Repeat for the left side and pin.

Step 5: Personalize it with ribbon and gift tags.

Voila! A perfectly presented DIY Christmas gift everyone will adore.


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