Kitchen Storage to Organize and Delight

With so many spices, dishes and tools lying around, it can be tough to keep the kitchen tidy. Depending on where you live, counter space and cabinet space may be at a premium as well. What’s a home chef with no kitchen storage to do?wk22_modular_storage_blog

Kitchen Storage Style

Kitchen storage comes in so many sizes, shapes and options that the real trouble is narrowing down all of the incredible choices you have. No counter space? Think vertically, with shelves and baker’s racks. You can hang your pots and pans up high and save your precious lower cabinets for other things. If you have a funky corner that’s being wasted, you can use tall corner cookware stands.

Clear space on your counter by setting up a coffee station on a single or double-door storage cabinet, or turn it into a pantry for all of your dry goods. If you’re looking for a way to store flour, sugar, tea or coffee while also adding color and pattern to your kitchen, airtight storage containers in vibrant hues do double-duty as decor on the counter.

Kitchen storage doesn’t have to be utilitarian and bland– figure out the items you use regularly, figure out what you have room for, then choose storage that reflects your personal style and makes you happy every time you cook. The options are endless!

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