Kellie Tate’s Kitchen Reorganization

Start 2019 off with a bang and do some kitchen reorganization! As we welcome a new year, we also welcome fresh new beginnings – a clean slate to make things and rooms efficient in our homes. Since the kitchen is the most-used room in our home, we thought it would be fun to start here first for the new year. So let’s see how we can organize the kitchen while also creating a baking center there.

It’s amazing what a few key items can do for a space when it comes to the design and function of a room. We needed more storage. You can never have enough, right? We were lucky to find and salvage old shelves from a retail store (that was remodeling) and convert them into open farmhouse shelving in our kitchen. We had to trim them down and do a little bit of sanding and staining, but they’ve really turned into a focal point of our kitchen.

Adding to the function of the shelves are these large glass storage jars. They’re the perfect jars to store all your dry goods. I cook and bake a lot in our home and use these ingredients sometimes daily. Having them readily available and stored in a pretty jar is extremely efficient and a major part of my kitchen reorganization.

When creating this baking station my idea was for it to hold my most often-used tools, a scale, mixing bowls and dry goods. I also use my cutting boards on a daily basis so I stored all of them in a flat basket, along with my rolling pin.

Now everything is in sight and displayed in a functional, attractive way. This makes all the prep work for baking and cooking so easy, convenient and honestly fun!

Our kitchen and family room are in a combined open floor plan room. Though it looks large, it really is a small kitchen for the size of the room. My goal for the new year is to create practical storage and organization in every way possible in our home.

Another part of my kitchen reorganization: the coffee area! My husband and I are big coffee drinkers and the kids love hot chocolate. We use our coffeemaker several times a day, so I thought, “Why not make it more functional for everyone in our family?” Now the drying rack for our mugs and the smaller storage jars that hold all our favorites are in one designated area.

My kids would say having the marshmallows readily available is the best thing I’ve done to our kitchen.

And our youngest would say she loves when a few marshmallows fall on the floor.

I’m a big fan of clutter-free counter tops. I love empty spaces and a clean counter top, but having the basics at your disposal is a must-have in any kitchen. These copper and wood serving pieces and white canister allow for a pretty yet organized corner in the kitchen. I love the bling factor that copper brings to a kitchen. Copper is also a fun metal to mix and match with different textures and finishes in your kitchen.


Kitchen reorganization and even creating a baking center is fairly inexpensive to achieve. Using classic storage jars, baskets, bowls and canisters can do wonders when it comes to setting up your kitchen. It’s a new year, and luckily for all of us, we have a fresh clean slate in getting our things organized in our homes.

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