Behind the Rug: Kilim Rug Flatweave Techniques

At World Market we are incredibly passionate about traditional fabrication techniques, authentic arts and crafts and taking ancient processes and crafting new, beautiful things. We’re so happy to bring you behind-the-scenes glimpses into some of these techniques, like the weaving of a beautiful kilim rug.

Kilim Weaving - Discover, a blog by World Market

Crafting a Kilim Rug

The Technique: Kilim rugs are flat-woven rugs. Unlike high-pile, knotted rugs, kilims are made by interweaving the warp and weft (thread and yarn) on punja looms using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Traditional tools like a beating comb are used to ensure a tightly woven rug. Our kilim rugs are entirely handcrafted and woven on traditional looms in a painstaking process that lasts over a period of several days. The end result is a rug that simply takes your breath away with its intricate and unique patterns and the wide array of vivid hues.

Why We Love Kilims: The rugs’ flat-woven quality means less shedding and more enjoyment underfoot! Kilims typically have eye-catching geometric designs and striking color palettes, enhancing the look of any space.

Room Match: Flat-woven kilim rugs are great for eclectic rooms that mix different colors and textures or vintage spaces that need a grounding, finishing touch. Try one out in a room that needs a pop of color or pattern, or create a cool bohemian space using a kilim rug as the foundation. If you have a subdued and muted area of your home that could use a spark of energy, kilim rugs are the perfect addition.

Kilim Weaving - Discover, a blog by World Market

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  • samad naji

    im master of carpeting from iran…i weave rug and carpets in different plots and designs….i live tabriz city…tabriz rugs its well-known for rug..i weave small rugs for house …with plot of clay with flowers and blossom ….
    i want to sale this products to you….if you want please contact with me…
    all the best

  • samad naji

    im samad naji…im master of rug and carpets from iran…i live in tabriz city…tabriz carpets is well-known for design and best quality…i weave handicraft small rugs for house… the plot is clay with beautiful flowers and blossom….i want have contact your market to sale you….if you want please call me
    with the best
    samad naji

  • Gloria

    How do you care for these flatweave/kilim rugs? Do you vacuum them? If so, may you use the beater, or is suction used to preserve the rug?

    • Mary

      I have authentic kilim rugs some wool and some cotton, and I use Woolite dry cleaning cloths in the dryer and they come out beautifully. You can find them in some chain grocery stores in the laundry detergent section.

  • Angie

    I just love World Market. I find unique pieces of furniture from all over the world. Hand made items and ingredients for my most exotic recipes.
    Thank you for bringing everything beautiful and most important, to a reasonable price.

    • World Market Editorial
      World Market Editorial

      Sweetest thing ever for us all to read on this Monday morning. Our loyal World Market shopper-explorers are so amazing! We are inspired by all of the incredible ways you fill your homes with all of your World Market finds.


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