Hack Attack! Kids’ Halloween Costume Hacks

Halloween has a way of sneaking up on even the most prepared parent. We’ve put together a host of Halloween hacks to make it shockingly simple to create a memorable Halloween costume your kids will love to wear. From easy masks to classic cowboy, perfect face painting and more, take a page from our sartorial spellbook for an effortless Halloween costume that makes a statement.

Masks Make Halloween Easy

We’re “owl” about simplicity, and our Owl Masks are a hoot! With pointy “ears’ and a beak sequined in gold, this wise costume isn’t afraid to go a little glam. Simply pair it with regular clothes for a look that’s school-approved, or dress it up with a black turtleneck and pants and a thrifted feather cape. You’ll also find a sparkly Witch Mask and a Cool Cat in the same sequined look that you can easily pair with items already in your kiddo’s closet.

If your child feels a little wild, go for our fun take on animals. These Safari Masks  can take your tot from tame to tiger, zebra or giraffe in an instant. Use the stripes and colors on these masks to inspire the rest of the costume, with black and white for zebra, yellow and brown for giraffe and orange and white for tiger. We love these looks with fancy dresses and leggings, and if you’re feeling crafty, create a matching tail.

The Cutest Cowboy

What kid doesn’t have jeans and a flannel shirt? Round up a red bandanna and an inexpensive straw hat, and your little rascal is on the way to being the star of the rodeo.

Make it Up

Face paint is a fabulous way to go all-in on your clever costume. A face painted green with dramatic eyes and bold lips is all you need to get witchy with it. Pair with any black clothes you already have on hand, and you have a spellbinding look that’s a concoction of classic and fun.


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